• Tang Jun:When Stone’s Paper and Iron Is Pen

    Tang Jun:When Stone’s Paper and Iron Is Pen

    It’s a world of bare n ecessities. A table and a chair, a hammer and a set of chisels dearly loved by the stone artist. It’s here that Tang Jun’s talent is in full display. Common stones have been carefully carved and polished, bringing them to life, as they take on different shapes — a dragon here, a phoenix there or a crane, standing, bending, or lying down.


  • A Life Illuminated by Welding

    A Life Illuminated by Welding

    Argon arc welding churns out thousands of products, 100% of which tested free of flaws when examined through X-rays; 2415 metres of welds were subjected to NDT(Non-destructive testing), and the qualified rate of one-time flaw detections was only 99.9%. That’s the level of perfection that only welding master Hu Ming can achieve.


  • Snow Line Postal Route

    Snow Line Postal Route

    The silence in the western Sichuan plateau that lasted through the winter is broken as the first snowflake touches the ground. It’s the third week after arrival of spring.