Chengdu 9th Forest Culture Tourism Festival and 21th Southern International Ice and Snow Festival of Xiling Snow Mountain kicks off Date:2020-12-26 09:49:00Editor:LiuTingting

On December 24, the opening ceremony of the 9th Chengdu Forest Cultural Tourism Festival and the 21st Southern International Ice and Snow Festival of Xiling Snow Mountain took place in Xiling Snow Mountain of Dayi County.

Sponsored by the People's Government of Dayi County and Chengdu Culture and Tourism Development Group, the event is the first time that Sichuan Province has integrated the Forest Culture Tourism Festival with the Southern Ice and Snow Festival. It is also an important starting point for Dayi County to mark and recognize the commanding height of the snow mountain, dig into its cultural significance and create a unique blend of ice and snow sports to contribute to the development of Chengdu as a park city under the snow mountain.

In addition to upgrading the lighting of the ski resort in Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area, the organizer also focused on creating Anren ancient town- Xinchang ancient town - Xieyuan town as an attractive destination which boasts a rich experience of mansion culture, museum culture, western Sichuan folk culture and traditional Chinese medicine culture. It would also include elements from Xiling Snow Mountain-Huashuiwan forest experience, ice and snow sports and hot springs. The hot spring tours are on offer for those looking forward to a wellness experience. (Jing Nan, Li Yiping)