Chinese medical experts awarded Medal of Independence Day by The Republic of Djibouti Date:2020-05-13 17:54:39Editor:LiuTingting

On May 10, Djibouti Prime Minister Kamil held a medal ceremony at the people's palace to commend the contribution of China's anti-epidemic medical expert group to Djibouti. China's anti-epidemic medical expert group to Djibouti has 12 members, seven of whom are from West China Hospital, Sichuan University.

Medical experts are awarded the medal by Djibouti Prime Minister Kamil

Zeng Yong, the leader of the expert group and vice president of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, was awarded the "Officer Level Independent Medal" and 11 members of the expert group were awarded the "Knight Level Independent Medal".

At the medal ceremony, premier Kamil once again thanked the Chinese government for sending an anti-epidemic medical expert group to Djibouti to strongly support the anti-epidemic work in the country.

Chinese experts discussing Covid-19 treatment with local professionals 

This group of anti-epidemic medical experts arrived in Djibouti on April 30. In more than ten days, the expert group visited six designated hospitals and treatment centers in Djibouti, and was on the frontline to examine isolation centers and critical wards. On the morning of May 11 (local time), the group set out to return home, having successfully completed its task.(By Edina Liang)