With another bridge opened to traffic, Sichuan enterprises are winning recognition in Europe Date:2020-04-08 14:04:14Editor:刘婷婷

On April 2, the Beitstad Bridge in central Norway officially opened to traffic. The bridge was constructed by Sichuan Road and Bridge Group, a subsidiary of Sichuan Railway Investment group CO., LTD. It is the second bridge constructed by Sichuan Road and Bridge Group in Norway.


Beitstad Bridge(Photo/Sichuan Road and Bridge Group)

Beitstad Bridge is located in Beitstadfjorden channel, Steinkjer City, central Norway. It is a reinforced concrete composite beam bridge spanning 580 meters. There are many curves and poor road conditions in this section, which neither meet the road standards nor the driving needs of vehicles. Therefore, the local government proposed to build this project to improve traffic conditions and ensure driving safety. Beitstad Bridge is an integral part of the project.


Beitstad Bridge under construction (Photo/Sichuan Road and Bridge Group)

With excellent technology and rich experience, Sichuan Road and Bridge Group stood out from other well-known international bidders and has successfully completed the construction of Beitstad Bridge in nearly 26 months. The completion of Beitstad Bridge will help improve local traffic conditions and facilitate the travel of residents on both sides of the Strait, while also connecting three local towns. The project will give a boost to construction of local infrastructure and economic development.


Snow capped Beitstad Bridge(Photo/Sichuan Road and Bridge Group)

The Beitstad Bridge is Sichuan Road and Bridge Group’s very important achievement to the “Belt and Road“ and “Going Out” strategy. It has helped build up the reputation of China's infrastructure strength in the world.


Sichuan Road and Bridge Group

At present, investment and construction projects of Sichuan Road and Bridge Group are active in many countries and regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe. In addition to Norway, Sichuan Road and Bridge Group has also undertaken a number of international projects — including development of roads and bridges — in Bangladesh, Kuwait, Cambodia, Tanzania, Senegal and other countries.(By Edina Liang)