Accelerate global market layout!Ziyang has become the largest exclusive production base for modern overseas commercial vehicles

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On May 23,2024,the 2024 Hyundai Truck&Bus China Global Partners Convention was held in Ziyang,Sichuan,China,to work together and create excellence.Modern customer representatives and partners from all over the world walked into the modern commercial vehicle factory in Ziyang High tech Zone,experiencing the shock brought by intelligent and digital manufacturing up close.
A good business environment is the greatest confidence for enterprise development and the brightest business card for local investment attraction.Since the beginning of this year,Ziyang City has accumulated momentum and attracted continuous influx of foreign investment with a superior business environment.
It is reported that ten years ago,modern commercial vehicles settled in Ziyang and officially operated independently in early 2020,making important contributions to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and economic and social development of Ziyang.The signing of the Phase II project of Modern Commercial Vehicles in 2023 will lead the global layout of hydrogen energy technology in Ziyang.Modern Commercial Vehicles is undergoing significant development processes such as production line adjustments and upgrades.Ziyang,as the only regional city that simultaneously connects the Chengdu Chongqing dual core,provides a unique geographical advantage for modern layout of a global commercial vehicle production base in Ziyang.
Creating International Quality Leading Industry Standards
The modern commercial vehicle production line has achieved 100%automated welding,and the three major assembly parts of the engine cylinder block,cylinder head,and crankshaft have all achieved automated production,with machining accuracy reaching the micrometer level,maximizing the accuracy and reliability of component assembly.

At the same time,the final assembly workshop has three imported production lines,with the production capacity of light,medium,heavy,new energy,and hydrogen fuel vehicle models.Models such as Chuanghu,Hongtu EV,and Shengtu Hydrogen Fuel Light Truck,born under strong and efficient productivity,are highly favored by logistics companies and truck drivers due to their advantages of safety,reliability,fuel efficiency,and comfort.
Modern commercial vehicles have always regarded product quality and reliability as their lifeline.In the production process,modern automotive advanced quality management experience,strict production management processes,and international production standards are introduced to create high-quality,safe,and comfortable products for customers.
A customer from Saudi Arabia stated that modern commercial vehicle factories have advanced equipment,strict production process control,and a very strict quality management system for each production process.At the same time,employees work professionally and meticulously,demonstrating high-level skills and dedication.The international production standards fully meet or even exceed the requirements,providing important guarantees for international quality and excellent performance.
Focusing on a Global Perspective and Accelerating Sailing to the Sea
Driven by the three waves of globalization,electrification,and intelligence,the commercial vehicle market environment is undergoing a transformation of old and new driving forces,continuous intensification of stock competition,and accelerated restructuring of the industry landscape.Faced with new development opportunities,modern commercial vehicles adhere to the concept of"building international quality",actively participate in global competition,and focus on vast overseas markets.
As a capable player in the field of logistics and transportation in China,Chuanghu Heavy Truck is highly favored by Chinese users and has also won widespread praise in the international market.In 2023,the first batch of 500 Chuanghu vehicles exported to the Middle East were successfully delivered,demonstrating the leading position of modern commercial vehicles in the world.

"Chuanghu has reliable quality,excellent seat and suspension system design,and the cockpit is as comfortable as sitting in the first class cabin of an airplane."After the test drive,a customer from Australia joked,"I am deeply impressed by Chuanghu's power.It is equipped with the third-generation POWERTEC high-power engine,which has strong power output and is fuel-efficient,and its technical level is at the international leading level."
In addition,during the test drive phase,new energy vehicle models such as Hongtu EV and Shengtu hydrogen fuel light truck also made their debut,demonstrating the strong product research and development and production capabilities of modern commercial vehicles.The delegation members highly praised the cutting-edge technology and excellent performance of modern commercial vehicle products in the global commercial vehicle field after the vehicle test drive.
Cui Jingcan,Deputy General Manager of Modern Commercial Vehicles(China)Co.,Ltd.,said that HTBC located in Sichuan is the largest overseas commercial vehicle factory of our Hyundai Group.And now we export to the world through China to the Middle East,Central and South America,Asia Pacific,Southeast Asia,and ASEAN countries with geographical advantages.In the future,in order to export to the world,this is the best strategic location.Because this is the largest factory for modern commercial vehicles overseas.So,we specifically chose to hold the Global Partner Conference in Ziyang.
At the same time,it is precisely through measures such as policy support,innovation system construction,and optimization of government services that the high-tech zone provides a good development environment for enterprises in the park and continuously provides solid development support for enterprises.(Xiao Zhengjun)