The world's maximum power narrow gauge AC-drive diesel locomotive exported by China to Sierra Leone for the first time has been put into operation

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At 1:00 pm local time on May 10th,21:00 Beijing time,China successfully launched the world's maximum narrow gauge AC-drive diesel locomotive,which was exported to Sierra Leone for the first time.Sierra Leone President Bio attended and witnessed this historic moment.

This is another example of China's high-end equipment"going global"and helping China and Africa jointly build the"the Belt and Road"with high quality.
This batch of locomotives was tailor-made by CRRC Ziyang Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"CRRC Ziyang Company"),a subsidiary of CRRC,based on narrow gauge railways in Africa.
Internationally,this is the first diesel locomotive to adopt a central corridor layout and independent ventilation technology.This unique design not only optimizes the internal space layout,but also greatly improves the convenience of operation and maintenance.
This batch of locomotives adopts advanced AC-drive technology,equipped with domestic medium speed diesel engines,with a power of 3680 kW,and can achieve dual engine heavy-duty traction of 10000 tons.Multi system integration technology upgrades the safety and reliability of the entire vehicle.

From contract signing to locomotive development,and finally to performance delivery,CRRC Ziyang Company only took just over three months,setting a world record for the shortest development of internal combustion locomotives.
This time,China's advanced narrow gauge AC-drive diesel locomotive will serve the world's largest single magnetite mine,the New Tangkrili Iron Mine in Sierra Leone,significantly improving the efficiency of local ore transportation and the overall level of railway transportation.This not only sets a model for the subsequent development of other railway freight and passenger transportation in the local area,but also plays a positive leading and catalytic role in promoting the development of Sierra Leone's railway industry,heralding the arrival of a new era of railway transportation in Sierra Leone.(Wang Xinlei,Xiao Zhengjun)