The 4th World Sichuan Cuisine Conference, 2021 International Food Festival of Chengdu and the 9th Pixian Douban Expo Commence in Chengdu Date:2021-10-19 15:22:11Editor:LiuTingting

On October 18,2021,the 4th World Sichuan Cuisine Conference themed“Fall in Love with Sichuan Cuisine,A Culinary Adventure in Pidu"was launched in Pidu District,Chengdu,China.The 2021 International Food Festival of Chengdu and the 9th Pixian Douban Expo were also held at the same time.

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With five major sections of"Sichuan Cuisine Development Forum","Sichuan Cuisine Industry Expo","Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Contest","Sichuan Cuisine Experience"and"Industry Investigation and Promotion",the Conference comprised over 20 Sichuan cuisine cultural activities,including the 2021 Global Sichuan Cuisine Development Forum and List of Urban Opportunities Release.

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The Conference attracted much attention from the global catering business.Overseas Chinese organizations in 22 countries or regions sent letters of congratulation;the World Chilli Alliance(WCA),envoys from foreign missions of Australia and other countries to China,leaderships of international sister cities,domestic and overseas experts,and scholars on Sichuan cuisine gathered in Chengdu to deeply explore profound Sichuan cuisine culture represented by Pixian Douban and jointly build the Sichuan cuisine ecosystem.

At the Conference,Pidu District released this year's first List of Urban Opportunities,covering six sectors and including 87 items like Pidu Intelligent Cloud City and New Display Innovative,with the investment of 142 billion RMB.The sectors include intelligent production,intelligent life,intelligent governance,green environment,intelligent city,and cultural tourism.A number of key projects have been contracted,including the strategic cooperation between China Sichuan Cuisine Industrial City and Zhaimen Society.Major outcomes like the Process Specifications for Internationally Classical Sichuan Cuisine(2021-1)were launched during the expo.

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Pixian Douban is praised as the"soul of Sichuan cuisine".In recent years,through the"Pixian Douban"brand,Pidu District has built China Sichuan Cuisine Industrial City—the first industrial city named after a regional cuisine and with Pixian Douban as the core,established an industrial system featuring compound seasonings and leisure food.Pidu District will continue to create a high-quality international business environment,with consistent tractions provided by projects,to improve city function,enhance service precision,elevate industry development potential and accelerate the building of“the National Highland of Sichuan Cuisine and the World's Sichuan Cuisine Culture Center". (Chen Yuchun)