Spectacular! 500 Kangba men gallop on the Yajiang Plateau Date:2020-07-20 14:07:00Editor:Liutingting

Galloping across a sea of flowers and riding atop majestic horses, Kangba men rubbed shoulders with each other. An audience —armed with flags and high spirits — was ready to welcome them as they dashed past the streams glistening under the blue sky. It was a visual feast when on July 19, 500 horses mounted by Kangba men galloped at Yanggegong Grassland in Decha Township. The thud of vigorous and powerful horse hooves hitting the ground was broken only by the occasional neighing and the wild cheer of the audience. This picture of the combined strength of man and beast amidst a breathtaking scenery is one that the audience would remember for years.

Kangba man ready to go

“This is my first equestrian performance,” said 23-year-old Nima, who practiced with his partner every day for the show. The routine is the same — step on the horse, tighten the rein, straighten the waist and shout "drive"! Majestic and powerful.

Kangba man galloping on horseback

Li Qiliang, a tourist from Chongqing, has just finished a series of frantic grabbing shots and says excitedly, "it's so beautiful, so wonderful. Kangba men and horses, and the beautiful scenery here, can be called a perfect match, too perfect.The trip is worth it.

A majestic Kangba man galloping on his horse

"The vastness of the natural pasture at Decha Township enabled us to be bolder and fiercer. While horse racing is an entertainment in our daily lives, today’s large-scale equestrian performance is the first of its kind." According to Zewangtaxi, head of Decha Township, Yajiang County has had a rich and unique traditional sports culture for thousands of years due to its unique geographical location, diverse plateau climate and multi-cultural blend. Every July, equestrian performances and horse racing activities are held in pastoral areas of Yajiang County. On the day of the event, the local herdsmen wear festival costumes, dress up their horses with beautiful saddles and gorgeous decorations, and gallop in the vast grassland.(By Edina Liang)