‘Made in Chengdu’5G intelligent Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Vehicle can diagnose up to 20,000 COVID-19 patients a day Date:2020-11-11 11:01:25Editor:LiuTingting

On November 5, staff at the servicing workshop of Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd. was busy cleaning and sorting out the first batch of ‘5G Intelligent Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Vehicles’.

Staff cleans mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle (Chuanguan News)

This batch of ‘5G Intelligent Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Vehicles’went offline on September 29 this year. ‘In only 50 days, we have developed the first intelligent mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle at par with international standards in China. The vehicle has been successfully developed and tested by experts. ’said the in charge of Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd.

September 29 China's first 5G intelligent mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle offline (Chengdu Daily)

Nucleic acid detection has high standards and requirements in terms of inspection and environment. ‘5G Intelligent Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Vehicle’ has been designed and manufactured in adherence to BSL-2 enhanced bio-safety secondary laboratory requirements. It has several independent working areas set up, such as reagent preparation, specimen preparation, amplification analysis, buffer and sterilization and is equipped with sampling tent,medical refrigerator, bio-safety cabinet, automatic cup splitting, nucleic acid extraction and amplification division. It also has special equipment to carry out functions such as analysis, collection of nucleic acid samples, detecting and data transmission, medical waste treatment and process information management. The vehicle also adopts many new technologies, such as intelligent composite power supply, electric air suspension and electric hydraulic equality.

Sample preparation area of 5G Intelligent Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Vehicle (Chengdu Daily)

Yang Jianbo, chief designer of Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd., said: ‘The vehicle is equipped with automatic sample processing system and intelligent detection technology sample separation system which can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of nucleic acid detection. It has the ability to test 2,000 nucleic acid samples per day for a single vehicle and can cover the diagnostic needs of 20,000 people when detecting one patient in samples of 10 each.’

Staff clean the interior of the inspection vehicle (Chuanguan News)

Once the detection vehicle is put into operation, it allows for rapid deployment and flexible mobilization, it can overcome regional restrictions to test as required and as much as possible for faster epidemic prevention and control.
On November 5, China reported 36 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 30 imported cases. Two new confirmed cases imported from abroad in Sichuan Province added to the tally of asymptomatic infections previously reported.
On the same day, the latest data released by the World Health Organization showed that the number of confirmed cases jumped from 529,256 to 47,930,397 and the number of deaths increased from 9,430 to 1,221,781.(By Edina Liang)