135 new species of wild birds discovered in Sichuan Province in 23 years. The number of species is higher than the number found in 167 countries put together Date:2020-04-27 23:55:09Editor:LiuTingting

In Sichuan's vast mountains,at least 757 species of wild birds can be spotted in the blue sky, and an additional 135 species of birds have been found in 23 years.

The red bellied Tragopan found in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. (Photo/Fengmian)

Recently, the Revision and Update of Bird List in Sichuan Province was released. The list was jointly launched by Dr. Que Pinjia of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu Birdwatching Association, College of Life Sciences of Sichuan University, Guanghan Forestry Bureau, Luzhou Birdwatching Association and other institutions.

In February 2015, a kingfisher was found resting in the lotus pond of West China Medical College of Sichuan University.(Photo/Fengmian)

Peregrine Falcon (Photo/Fengmian)

According to the list, a total of 757 species of wild birds are found in Sichuan, exceeding the number of species found in 167 countries of the world combined. Compared with 1997, there are 107 new distribution records. The records show that of 68 species first recorded since 1997, 94% (64) were found by birdwatchers. "Up to now, birdwatchers have become an important and irreplaceable force in domestic bird research and protection,” Zhu Lei, one of the authors, said.

The blue headed diving duck searches for food in the water (Photo/Fengmian)

Birdwatchers in the wild (Photo/Fengmian)

China has 1,445 species of birds, accounting for about one sixth of the world's bird species, and is among the countries with the maximum bird species in the world. For a long time, China has been actively promoting bird protection, strengthening the protection of bird habitats and migration and nesting areas, and maintaining bird population provenance through the establishment of natural reserves and the implementation of endangered bird protection projects. Meanwhile, a White Crane Protection Memorandum in Migratory Bird Protection, was launched in cooperation with China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore to protect the aquatic birds along Belt and Road.(By Edina Liang)