Some students in Sichuan resume classes Date:2020-04-02 17:18:11Editor:刘婷婷

The COVID-19 outbreak has spread across the world. As on April 1, the number of confirmed cases outside China has exceeded 800,000, which is an increase of by more than 50,000 compared with the previous day’s numbers. Nearly 40,000 people have died.

At present, 789 cases have been imported into China. In order to cope with the current epidemic situation, following the footsteps of many countries, foreigners will be temporarily suspended from entering China with current valid visas and residence permits on March 28.


KTV in Chengdu are closed again( Photo/Hongxing)

In China, the epidemic has been effectively stopped. There have been no confirmed cases in Wuhan for eight consecutive days. Wuhan Metro resumed operation on March 28. Sichuan, a populous province in Southwest China, currently has 13 confirmed cases imported from abroad. From April 1, all night bus lines in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, have been restored. Although the epidemic situation in China is getting better, we still can't take it lightly. On March 28, China issued an emergency notice: all entertainment places returning to work should be temporarily closed, including KTV, Internet bar, cinema, etc.


On Apr.1, all the 457000 senior three students in Sichuan go back to school.(Photo by LAN Zitao, Sichuan online)

Schools in China are also preparing for the resumption of classes. Sichuan Province began to resume classes for Senior Three students on April 1. During the epidemic period, after two stages of "self-study with tasks" and "cloud class centralized class", Senior Three students in Sichuan completed their learning tasks and they can achieve seamless connection in their lessons after returning to school. The college entrance examination will be postponed for one month and held between July 7 and 8.(By Edina Liang)