Sichuan Facilitates Entry and Exit for Foreign Professionals Date:2020-04-01 12:10:59Editor:刘婷婷

On February 26, Exit and Entry Administration Division of Sichuan, launched six safeguard measures to facilitate the entry and exit of foreigners.

There is no limit to the number of times foreigners can apply for extension of visa documents. The longest stay period can be up to the end of epidemic prevention and control.


An exit and entry administration officer explains to foreign professionals the new policies COVID-19 prevention and control period.

The visa application procedures for foreigners will be simplified. When foreigners apply for visa documents, they do not need to provide materials that have been archived in the system. If foreigners are unable to provide complete visa application materials temporarily due to the epidemic situation, they can make a written commitment in advance acknowledging the lack of visa or related documents.

The scope of visa application agencies for foreigners has been expanded. Foreigners who need to apply for visa certificates during the period of epidemic prevention and control may apply for them by the inviting unit or individual, the relatives of the applicant or the relevant special service agency.

In addition, the six convenient measures issued this time also include providing 24-hour service hotline 962096; providing convenience services such as "appointment application" and "urgent application" for employees of enterprises returning to work, and providing convenience services for foreign tourism enterprises to apply for foreign tourism group port visa, etc.


Chengdu issues special 5-color registration card for foreign residents.

At present, Sichuan has more than 3,000 foreign-invested enterprises and 19 countries have set up consulates in Chengdu, with nearly 20,000 foreign employees. The six measures will facilitate the entry and exit of foreign workers in Sichuan Province during the epidemic prevention and control period.


Ito Yokado Chengdu (Photo/Hongxing News)


Intel Chengdu  (Photo/Sichuan Daily)

As on February 26, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Sichuan is 531, with 292 people cured and discharged. On February 26, Sichuan adjusted the emergency response to public health emergencies from first level response to the second level. The epidemic prevention and control has achieved remarkable results and is gradually reaching a controllable stage.