With five lines going into operation simultaneously,Chengdu’s metro transit mileage has exceeded 500 km, ranking the fourth in China Date:2020-12-21 14:53:07Editor:LiuTingting

At 10:00 a.m. on December 18, Chengdu metro transit line 6 phase I, II and III; line 8 phase I; line 9 phase I; line 17 phase I and line 18 Sancha Station (excluding) to Tianfu Airport North Station section became operational.

Among them, line 9 is the first fully automatic operation line which has the highest level of automation (GOA4) in central and western China.

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Chengdu Metro. With the five lines becoming operational, the total mileage of Chengdu Metro will increase by 160 km to 558 km from the original 398 km. Moreover, Chengdu Metro now runs 13 lines in total, with 373 stations in the entire line, including 46 transfer stations, thus, officially becoming the "fourth city" of domestic rail transit! (Li Yiping)