Deyang donates medical materials to Italy and other countries Date:2020-04-01 19:01:24Editor:刘婷婷

Chinese city Deyang recently sent 100kg of anti-epidemic materials, including medical surgical masks, disposable isolation suits, and medical isolation masks to help Italy combat the epidemic, the worst-affected country in Europe. These materials will be first sent to the Italian Embassy in China which is chartering flights to Italy.


Medical materials to be sent to Korea. 

But it’s not just Italy that Deyang is helping in its COVID-19 prevention efforts. A batch of epidemic prevention and control materials were donated by Deyang City to the international sister cities of Hiroshima-ken, Japan, Kangleung, South Korea, and Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein, Germany, one after another. The relief material from Deyang is bound to warm the hearts of beneficiaries in international cities.

Deyang has a long history of friendly exchanges with Italy and the above-mentioned international friendly cities. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake 12 years ago, Italy was the first Western country to arrive at the scene of the disaster with rescue personnel and materials. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Kangleung and Hiroshima-ken in Japan have expressed their sympathies and concerns to Deyang many times.


A medical staff hands the materials to a logistics company.

In the critical period of Deyang's fight against COVID-19, warm greetings and donations have arrived from the international community. Now, prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Deyang City has made great progress, confirmed cases have remained zero for more than a month in a row, while the pandemic situation overseas is becoming increasingly severe, and showing a rapid trend of progress. Deyang are now assisting friendly countries and sister cities to combat the epidemic. 

Being grateful is long tradition of the Chinese people. Deyang has always been mindful of the support and assistance from Italy and its international sister cities in the past. In the face of the pandemic, Deyang stands firmly with them, tries its best to provide support to them, and work together with them to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties.(By Edina Liang)