Many scenic spots in Sichuan now open to public Date:2020-04-01 18:32:55Editor:刘婷婷

As on March 14, 61,518 COVID-19 patients have been confirmed while 9,751 cases have been diagnosed outside China. On March 13, WHO secretary-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reported that corona-virus outbreak has taken a turn for the worse in Europe and the number of confirmed cases and deaths is now more than that of other countries and regions outside China. Italy and Spain have declared a state of emergency and closed all non-essential commercial establishments except supermarkets and pharmacies. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in all 16 German states are closed. Many cities in European countries, such as Paris, have also taken measures to seal borders.


Citizens in Chengdu “restart”spring flower tour (Photo/Sichuan Daily )

In China, the epidemic has been brought under control and the cultural tourism industry in the southwest Sichuan Province is gradually recovering. This weekend, citizens can again enter scenic spots, museums and parks to relax and enjoy the beauty of spring.


Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum open to public

Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum has opened a part of the exhibition hall and capped the daily limit of visitors at 2,000. Tourists must wear masks, show the health QR code and enter after passing the temperature measurement. Qingcheng Mountain-Dujiangyan scenic area has been reopened for one week with a total of more than 10,000 tourists. All tourists must go through the strict inspection process of entering the park for a decentralized tour.


A father tells dinosaur story to his son in Zigong Dinosaur Museum.(Photo/CRI Online)

At present, 218 class A scenic spots in Sichuan Province, such as Jianmenguan of Guangyuan, South Sichuan Bamboo Forest, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, have are open to public.(By Edina Liang)