Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group to collaborate with Finnish enterprises in future Date:2020-09-15 13:37:12Editor:Liutingting

On August 27, at the Sichuan-Finland enterprise investment cooperation docking meeting, Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group, exchanged views with 23 Finnish well-known enterprises such as Nokia and Lappset, conveying the hope for friendly cooperation between the two sides.

Sichuan-Finland enterprise investment cooperation docking meeting

‘Sichuan Province is an important economic and trade partner of Finland. There are many Finnish enterprises in Sichuan Province, such as Nokia and Tieto, which have their roots in Sichuan,’ said Jarno Syrjälä, Finnish ambassador to China. The economic and trade delegation that arrived in Sichuan from Finland includes key enterprises, involving science and technology, energy, construction, food, logistics, education and other industries. Finnish enterprises expressed strong interest in cooperation with Sichuan.

As a key player in the energy and chemical engendering field in Sichuan, Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group has 37 secondary subsidiaries and two listed companies. Its main business covers more than 20 fields, involving power generation, hydro-power, new energy and gas energy. At present, Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group is also committed to building industrial chain clusters, building digital ecology, boosting the ‘enterprise on the cloud’ and helping the construction of a new digital smart city.

‘This docking meeting provides an opportunity for in-depth understanding of Finnish enterprises and products. Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group will further contact Finnish enterprises mainly in the field of energy, and may cooperate with Finnish enterprises in energy conservation and environmental protection, digital economy, smart city and other fields,’ said Mou Jun, deputy general manager of Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group.(By Edina Liang)