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Experts warn of health risk from Japanese eye drops popular in China

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Six types of Japanese eye drops that are popular in China have been blacklisted in Canada after health authorities there analyzed the ingredients. Experts warned that their long-term use might cause damage to the eyes.


blacklist ['blæklɪst]:vt.将…列入黑名单


The products contain prescription ingredients and have not been approved by Health Canada, according to its official website in the recalls and safety alerts section on April 15. The eye drops, an eyewash and an acne gel sold in British Columbia are unauthorized and may pose serious health risks, according to Health Canada, which also removed the products from sale at retail locations in British Columbia.


The agency said the over-the-counter products contain prescription drugs which, if taken without the supervision of a healthcare professional, may cause serious side effects.


The advisory said the prescription drugs included in the Japanese products were aminocaproic acid, used to decrease bleeding, clindamycin for treating bacterial infections, and neostigmine methylsulfate, which had never been used in eye drops in the Canadian market before.


The ingredients could cause side effects including watery eyes, cataracts, headache, muscle weakness, and a stinging or burning feeling on the skin, it said.


Four out of the six products are produced by Santen Pharmaceutical Co, a Japanese pharmaceutical company. All four are on the lists of essential shopping for Chinese tourists visiting Japan. Vendors in China have yet to be impacted by the Canadian decision. On Taobao, JD.com and other Chinese e-commerce platforms, Japanese eye drops are still available.







The Sante series of eye drops uses a complex series of ingredients, one of which is adrenaline, which is able to remove bloodshot in eyes but has only a temporary effect, Jie Ying, a corneal and ocular surface disease specialist at the leading ophthalmology hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, told the Global Times.


adrenaline[ə'drenəlɪn]:n. [生化]肾上腺素

ophthalmology [,ɑfθæl'mɑlədʒi]:n. [眼科]眼科学


"When used again, the symptoms seem better, but the eyes are actually getting worse," he said.


Another ingredient, neostigmine methyl sulfate, shrinks the pupils and brings a bright feeling to the eyes, Jie noted, "but all of the above are toxic and cause ocular surface destruction."


There have been complaints about the Japanese mint eye drops for years. Mentholated FX-Neo drop causes burns, according to technology website gizmodo.com in January 2012. Some patients have used the four controversial eye drops and ended up with glaucoma, news site zjol.com reported.

多年来,一直有人在投诉日本薄荷眼药水。据科技网站gizmodo.com 2012年1月报道,薄荷醇FX-Neo滴眼液会导致眼部烧伤。据新闻网站zjol.com曾报道,一些患者使用了这四种备受争议的眼药水,最终患上青光眼。

glaucoma [glɔː'kəʊmə]:n. [眼科]青光眼


People who suffer from dry eyes and visual fatigue should consider seeing professional ophthalmologists for eye drop prescriptions or shorten their screen hours, instead of buying fashionable products online, Jie suggested.


dry eyes:干眼症


Despite the warnings, some ardent users of Japanese products said the current information is insufficient to scare them away from brands they have been using for years.


ardent ['ɑːd(ə)nt]:adj.热情的;热心的


While some longtime users of the products said they will reduce their doses, others said they would need more information before changing their usage.


The national health authority and the medical products administration have not issued any such warnings. The products on the Canadian list have not received official approval for sale in the Chinese mainland and most users have to travel to Japan to buy them, or ask friends to shop on their behalf.





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