Highest tunnel in Sichuan-Tibet Highway opens to traffic

Source:People's Daily Online Date:2016-11-14 09:43:37Editor:WangPei



Que'ershan Tunnel, the highest part of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, was officially opened to traffic on Nov. 10. Crossing Que'er Mountain is now just a 10-minute task, compared to the several hours or even multiple days that it required before.

As the most precipitous part of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, the main peak of Que'er Mountain is 6,168 meters above the sea. The elevation of the tunnel is 4,270 meters, while the overall length is 7,079 meters. After four years of arduous labor, the tunnel was finally completed in November 2016. The refrain that “crossing Que'er is like crossing a fire” has been relegated to history, and the barrier restraining economic growth of Ganzizhou prefecture has been removed.