Chengdu Metro seeks opportunity of World University Games to promote service

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The image of giant panda,Rongbao,mascot for the 31st FISU Summer World University Games,is widely used in the decoration of Chengdu metro stations.[Photo provided to]
The 31st FISU Summer World University Games concluded in Chengdu,southwest China's Sichuan province on August 8.Chengdu took full advantage of hosting the Games to promote business,governance and industry and bring tangible benefits to the people.Chengdu Metro also implements that concept accordingly.
During the preparation for the Games,all the builders and engineers of the company have made full efforts to promote high-quality construction of the urban rail network in the city.
In 2020 alone,a total of 216 kilometers of five rail lines and seven projects of the company were opened,creating a record of its own.Up to now,the Chengdu rail transit system has opened and operated 13 lines,with an operating mileage of 558 kilometers in total,bringing safe,comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers.Up to now,more than 100 stations being built by the company have entered the fourth phase of their construction.

Line 2 of Chengdu Metro.[Photo provided to]
In addition,the company serves the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle,and seven stations of Chengdu-Ziyang Line of urban(suburban)railway have been capped and opened the tunnel of the whole line,while the project's mechanical and electrical installation and construction are being carried out in an all-round way.The project of Chengdu-Meishan Line is speeding up its pipeline relocation,green migration and other early constructions,and some stations have entered the main structure construction stage;six stations,one section and one intermediate air shaft of Chengdu-Deyang Line have been sealed off,and the preliminary work such as pipeline relocation,green migration and traffic relief are being carried out.
The builders of the company paid special attention to building the subway stations with local characteristics.The image of giant panda,Rongbao,mascot for the World University Games,is widely used in the decoration of the Fuhuayuan Station,where the company also organized volunteers to provide necessary services related to the Games to passengers.
Chengdu Metro has also been committed to providing thoughtful services to local residents.It made special arrangements to meeting the increasing demands of passengers at the Dujianian Station when there were soccer matches in the nearby Phoenix Hill Stadium of Chengdu.
The wide application of intelligent technologies by the company in the urban rail system made the network smart for both its operators and users.Line 9 adopted the automatic operation system,including automatic wake-up,automatic departure,automatic operation,automatic car wash and automatic return to the warehouse.The line is not only the first automatic rail transit line in China's central and western regions,but also the world's first fully automatic driverless urban loop line using 8A group vehicles.
Chengdu Metro has built a comprehensive intelligent passenger service platform,and all its 373 stations in the network have realized intelligent security check and facial clearance.
Moreover,it has built a decentralized control and centralized management of the line network operation and scheduling mode,formed a three-level scheduling command system based on the line network,line and site,and the network train chart exchange rate reaches 100%,the network train on-time rate 99.99%.