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It has the slow,lazy pace of Dali and Lhasa and the warmth of Guangzhou and Beijing.And when it comes to the latest fashion,its charm is second to Shanghai.Ziyang,for many,holds the best of both worlds.

the Third Tuojiang Bridge

Over 35,000 years ago,skull fossils of“Ziyang man”were unearthed in the region,lending the city its deep cultural ethos.It is also home to the Shu community.

The city has quickly adapted to newer experiences through the ages,exhibiting a tolerant character.

Its rich history,civilization and fashionable modern culture draws tourists at a large scale.

Wanren palace wall

The Wei and Jin Dynasties have had a profound impact on Ziyang.Their influence is visible in the hustle and bustle of Heping Road,the cultural features of"Wanren palace wall",leisurely and comfortable teahouses,the banks of Tuojiang River that resonate with elegant poetry and the historical footprints of the Water Valley.The roots of the"Ziyang River"genre of Sichuan Opera lie in Yanjiaba.

Visitors to Ziyang often find themselves wanting to stay back for more.

Xiangyang Community presents a cultural recreation center for nostalgic tourism

The most unique slice of Ziyang culture is the Xiangyang Community-its people,“green trains”,quaint doorways,phoenix trees,old teahouses dotting the street.

Night view of Xiangyang Community

Xiangyang Community preserves the memory of a vanishing city.With them,one can experience the slow pace of life in Ziyang,watch a performance and eat to their heart’s content.

This scenic spot is open to public all day and there are no entry charges,holidays,however,may witness a rush.Here,one can catch a glimpse of the commercial hub intertwined with the city’s heritage.

A visit to Xiangyang Community can be followed by a trip to nearby attractions such as Water Valley,Heping Road,Shangxi Street,Changhong Square and Wanda Square.

Huaxi River,Ziyang version of"Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival"

Along the Huaxi River in the Friends Circle,one can enjoy the sight of pink muhlygrass,one of the most popular ornamental grass seeds.

Huaxi River is the earliest recorded river in Ziyang City.It was known by different names in different dynasties,such as Tixi,Huanxi,Yanghua River and Yanjiang river.Huaxi River has carried the memory of Sichuan Province(which has the reputation of land of abundance)since time immemorial.It is also hailed as the Huaxi Longevity River.Its deep waters are grazed by graceful egrets along the rocky shores,providing a breathtaking view.

The unique geographical environment,dense vegetation and embedded riverbed come together to form a beautiful landscape in Huaxi valley.In the middle and lower reaches of Huaxi River,the river is wide and calm.The two banks are shaded by green trees and bamboos.The clear stream reflects the two banks,forming a unique mirage where one can glimpse mountains in the water and boats on the mountains.

Enjoy a cup of tea at Changhong square

Changhong square has the largest open-air teahouse in Ziyang,with bamboo chairs,square tables and covered tea.Order a cup of green tea or scented tea.Enjoy the cool under the trees in the summer,bask in the sun in the winter,and relax with a cup of covered tea.

Changhong tea square

Residents of Ziyang flock to Changhong square not only to drink tea,but also to watch various tea-making performances.The place is a perfect escape from the humdrum of daily life.Those looking to please their palate can eat a bowl of tofu pudding from a roadside stall.And while you are serving your taste buds,how about a bit of self-care?Ear cleaners roam the streets and one can also get their ears cleaned.

Uncover the"Ziyang River"genre of Sichuan Opera,the quintessence of Chinese culture

No talk of Ziyang culture is complete without the mention of"Ziyang River"genre of Sichuan Opera.For residents of Ziyang,sipping tea while watching a play is part and parcel of life.According to available records,in the fourth year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty(1878),Lechun-the number one scholar of opera-and others recruited 30 young people and founded the"Mingwei Keban",which gradually formed the basis of the"Ziyang River"style of Sichuan Opera through exploration in practice.

Chinese intangible cultural heritage,Sichuan Opera"Ziyang River"genre

The high notes of Sichuan Opera innovate ancient tradition in a skill that is both incredible and baffling.Actors put on all kinds of colorful faces,costumes and hats,and play in turns,singing in the accompaniment of gongs and drums.

Watch Ziyang come alive at night

The nightlife of Ziyang also deserves a mention,with Rainbow Bridge bar street,Sanxian square and East Extension line among the top hotspots.A riverside stroll often ends in one of these bars that are belting out the latest music.

The essence of Ziyang’s nightlife is best captured in the Rainbow Bridge bar street and its affordable prices make it a must-visit destination.

If you think that is all there is to Ziyang's nightlife,check these out.

24-hour goat soup shop

A model of"late night canteen",dumpling stall at the fork of Heping Road

24-hour pharmacy(Xiao Zhengjun)