Chengdu TOD (Transit-Oriented-Development):The Life of the Future

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In March 2022,the detailed action plan was officially unveiled for a Park City Demonstration Area in Chengdu to practise the new development that clearly supports Chengdu’s building of a park city demonstration area at the national level.At present,Chengdu has 558 kilometers of rail transit in operation and a further 214 kilometers under construction.The maximum daily passenger flow of rail transit has exceeded 7 million times.During the 14th Five Year Plan,the mileage of rail transit under construction and operation will exceed 1,000 kilometers.With abundant rail transit resources at disposal,rail city development will expedite the construction of a park city demonstration area.

Shuangfengqiao TOD

Ms Zhang,who lives near the West Shuangliu TOD project,found herself constantly admiring what seemed like the intertwining of city life with natural landscape."Under the clear blue sky,high-rise buildings are dotted in large rape flowers..."said Ms.Zhang,who turned up to take photos of this“paradise”for several days in a row.

According to the official in charge of the project,there are three parks covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters.There are plastic runways,slow walking trails,children's parks and garden waterscape in the park.Considering the flowering period of various plants,people can see blossoms all year round.The project also introduces the low-carbon concept of collecting and treating rainwater for plant irrigation.

Shuangfengqiao Project is the epitome of Chengdu TOD project.According to the"137"Circle Theory of Chengdu TOD,low-density development will be carried out in the non-core area in a radius of 700 meters of each TOD project,and residential,park and other living ecological scenes will be arranged to create a poetic transition"from city to nature".

Machangba TOD

What’s the secret behind building a beautiful home?In June 2020,Chengdu Rail Transit City Investment gave the answer:Make use of limited space to promote the organic integration of people’s lives,businesses and offices and leisure and recreation.

Machangba TOD in Qingyang District is a remarkable demonstration.The public service facilities in this area are complete,and the northwest is close to the ecological protection zone.It also brings about 11,000 square meters of community commerce."In the future,it will transform into a center integrating business,culture and life,”the official in charge of the project said.

In order to provide stable,convenient and high-quality rental living for urban youth,Chengdu Rail Transit is poised to build 19,000 youth quality houses in TOD project in 2022.This means that both the subway station and the commercial complex are at a stone’s throw.

Luxiao TOD

In terms of urban governance modernization,Luxiao TOD gave a noticeable demonstration."Starting from parking garage,you can walk directly to the subway station through the underground public passage,or you can go directly to the shopping center in the business district from the underground."According to the relevant person in charge of the project,Luxiao TOD is connected with the ground chronic system through the decentralized sunken park,and is directly connected to the above ground buildings through public channels,making perfect use of the above ground and underground space and improving the urban operation efficiency.

Fast pace and slow life,this is TOD's mantra.The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Rail Transit City Investment described the model of TOD future community:the TOD project area,with subway station as the core,is equipped with residential,commercial,office buildings,hotels and parks,so that you can walk in the park when you go downstairs and shop in the mall when you are going out.At present,23 projects of Chengdu Rail Transit TOD are in full swing and the beautiful picture of the future park city is slowly unfolding.