Guanghan general aviation industry is ready to soar! Date:2020-04-01 18:56:46Editor:刘婷婷

In recent days, Sichuan Tianzhou General Aviation Science and Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 500 million yuan and an area of 113,000 square meters, is pushing forward with the preliminary formalities for the second and third phase of the project, striving to start construction as soon as possible and put it into production smoothly.

Sichuan Tianzhou Company located in Guanghan City, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, is the only scientific and technological company in China that specializes in the comprehensive supply of general aviation fuel, and the first domestic enterprise with 100LL aviation fuel production with full independent intellectual property rights. The project has been included in the major layout of general aviation industry in Guanghan City, and it is also the only fuel production project in general aviation industry of the whole province signed at the last Western International Fair. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will reach 1.5 billion yuan and the annual tax revenue will reach 120 million yuan or more.


Streamline poduction of Lingfeng Aviation

In recent years, general aviation has become one of the leading industries in Guanghan City. As the only pilot park of general aviation innovative industrial cluster in China, Deyang high tech zone has been recognized as the lone innovative industrial cluster of general aviation industry in China by the Ministry of Science and Technology. With the outstanding geographical advantages of Guanghan City, Deyang High Tech Zone will give new wings to the aviation industry and usher in prosperity and development in the city. The high tech zone will focus on research and development and manufacturing and maintenance of general aviation as its foundation while relying on the scientific and educational resources such as Civil Aviation Flight University of China and Sichuan Aerospace Vocational College to create “training, operation, trusteeship, maintenance, research and development and manufacturing” as the key general aviation industry chain.


An airview of Aviation Flighght University of China (Photo/Zhang Rongwei)

Among the two professional universities, Civil Aviation Flight University of China is world-renowned and the first in Asia with the largest flight simulator training center in the Asia Pacific region, which has trained nearly 200,000 professionals, including 70% of CAAC's transport aviation pilots and 80% of its captains.

Guanghan City strives to build the best general aviation town in China. This general aviation town covers an area of 18 square kilometers and is located 20 kilometers from Chengdu and 20 kilometers from Deyang. It is located on the Bank of Sanxing lake, with flat terrain and excellent clearance conditions. The focus of development in the town is to build a new benchmark for navigation manufacturing in Western China, a research and development demonstration area, and a tourist experience place. Guanghan City takes the opportunity of the pilot project of national aviation industry cluster to highlight the "six key points" of general aviation manufacturing industry, transportation business, comprehensive security industry, airport construction, industrial park construction and personnel training, and to create a model for the development of aviation industry. At the same time, it expects to give full play to the advantages of the aviation industry cluster, quickly gather talents, technology, capital and other high-quality resources, and focus on building the entire industry chain of general aviation.


Xilinfengteng Emergency Flight Rescue

The blue sky makes people yearn to fly, and Guanghan's general aviation industry is ushering in the spring of rapid development. Today, Guanghan City has successfully held two consecutive international aviation and aerospace events. The large-scale aviation exhibition activities with the main content of aviation exhibition and stunt flight performance have brought forth the navigation industry of Guanghan City to the whole country and the world.(By Edina Liang)