Huangmaoya Tourist Area in Cangxi County Officially Designated as a National AAAA-Level Tourist Attraction

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On May 28,Huangmaoya Tourist Area in Cangxi County,Guangyuan City,was officially designated as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction by the Sichuan Province Tourism Resource Planning and Development Quality Evaluation Committee.

The core area of Huangmaoya Scenic Area in Cangxi County is Gaotai Village in Huangmaoya Town,the site of the Huangmaoya Battle.The core area of the battle covers approximately 3.3 square kilometers and contains 22 red heritage sites,including the battle command post,trenches,and a field hospital.Experts have praised it as a"rare and well-preserved battle site cluster in China."The area also boasts nine unique natural landscapes,such as Elephant Trunk Hill,One Line Sky,and the Millennium Ginkgo Tree.

Over the past three years,Cangxi County has developed 18 themed educational sites,such as the Revolutionary Martyrs'Cemetery and the Red Army Trail,launched eight premium courses like"Qian Yishang,"and created two premium educational routes.These efforts ensure there are sites to visit,scenery to enjoy,and history to learn.The county has also established the Hongjun Du Cadre Academy Huangmaoya Branch and the Northeast Sichuan Youth Education Base,annually attracting nearly 20,000 primary and secondary school students for educational trips and 500 red tourism groups.

Additionally,the county has planted over 1.5 million ornamental peach trees of 86 varieties along park roads,village roads,and hillsides,creating over 40 key attractions such as Peach Blossom Island and the Hundred-Mile Peach Blossom Corridor.These developments have helped over 50 local farmers establish themed guesthouses and farm stays,contributing to the creation of the"Peach Blossom Capital of China"and the largest peach blossom viewing base in the country.(Xu Qin)