Students from special education school in Chengdu pursue skiing dream

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Members of the"Dieyun"ski team look on in a training session at a dry ski training facility in Xindu District of Chengdu,southwest China's Sichuan Province,Feb.25,2022.When seeing the boys and girls skiing down the slope,no one will realize they are anything different from other ski-loving youngsters until noticing their coach communicating with them mainly through writing and gesturing.

All of the 15 members of this ski team are students from the special education school in Xindu District of Chengdu,capital city of southwest China's Sichuan Province.

These years,they receive professional trainings at least three times a week after school classes and also assemble for a total of three months of intensive trainings during annual vacations.

Thanks to their hard work,many children began to win prizes in national competitions.They said they wanted to be professional skiers in the future because they love skiing and the sport opens a door for them.(Xinhua/Wang Xi)