Pan Yuhua:Master of Welding Embroidery Date:2020-04-07 21:42:22Editor:刘映红

Every time watch the National Day military parade, Pan Yuhua is very proud.

Look, the Air Early Warning(AEW) is coming,with the radome, which is Kongjing KJ-500 AEW.

Kongjing KJ-500 AEW led the fighter formation to fly over Tiananmen Square, which is the military industry dream of a generation. So, what is the relationship between the powerful and majestic military parade and the gentle embroiderer?

9.3 military parade, a new generation of Kongjing KJ-500 AEW made a stunning appearance. The Kongjing KJ-500 AEW is the air command post and the nerve center of the whole flight team. Some of the most sophisticated parts of the nerve center are hand welded. It is Pan Yuhua who completes the work.

Pan Yuhua woks in a military research institute which is responsible for safeguarding the national electromagnetic space security. It is Pan Yuhua's unique skill that provides a strong guarantee for the research and development of the satellite.

Pan Yuhua, Technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

It seems easy, but it has one side that is tapered and one side that is flat. When you work on it, you must put down the consistency of the flat side. Nothing is allowed to be wrong.

On a coin-sized electronic board, 1144 small lead pillars and more than 1000 dense dots are welded, and it only takes two hours to ensure the mechanical precision by pure hand. This is Pan Yuhua's ultimate pursuit.

Pan Yuhua, Technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

At the beginning, there were 100 pillars, 200 pillars, and then more than 1000 pillars, which was a challenge. I wonder if I can finish it? Can I finish it well enough? I want to believe in myself. I have to find a way to realize it and try my best to complete it. This is a challenge to me, and it is finally realized.

To challenge impossible, It took pan Yuhua more than 20 years.

Pan Yuhua, Technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

How short is the shortest? The minimum distance is 0.4. There are more than 0.1 hairs, just about 2 hairs.

However, the master's massive devil-like training almost subverted her cognition.

Pan Yuhua, Technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

My first contact with components which was worth 80 yuan. It was not shaped, and I broke it. My master said "Do you know how valuable it is? You can't afford one with a month's salary". I felt very sad. I was ashamed of the hard work that master taught me for more than one month. I was in tears.

Using a screw, weld one solder joint and forming one component. Once, the master imparted his experience to Pan Yuhua without reservation. Now, Pan Yuhua has passed on her own skill and knowledge to her apprentice without reservation. During the work break, Pan Yuhua will take her disciples to practice throwing coins, putting a coin into the water cup which is full of water without making the water spill over.

Pan Yuhua, Technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

When we are welding, the surrounding components may be too close, and we can't touch them, so we should exercise our observation and attention.

Pan's highest record is 45 coins. Driven by Pan Yuhua, her disciples have grown up and become the backbone of the industry. When not working, Pan likes to watch TV while embroidering cross stitch. Cross stitch can improve the accuracy of her hands, and she hopes that the hard work in her life can turn the seemingly impossible work into a feat of mastery.

Pan Yuhua, technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

Cross stitch is the same as our products. I want to embroider 1444 pillars. I need to practice accuracy constantly, from which I can practice hand feeling, or practice stability. Cross stitch needs to be calm and calm, so you can do your own thing well and do it more perfectly and perfectly.

Perfect and extreme is the most said sentence of Pan Yuhua. She holds her breath and remains still, even if she has been stiff, even if her eyes are crossing and legs are swollen. From the young apprentice who had just entered the factory to the top expert in the field of manual welding, she has been working in the fine welding post of military industry for more than 20 years, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship. When she sees the military parade, pan Yuhua thinks of herself. In the eyes of outsiders, repetitive and boring work seems to be happy and valuable.

Pan Yuhua, technician of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

In the parade, we see a lot of high-tech things we make. We are very proud of what we do for ourselves. It's not only a show for the people of the world, but also a show of great pride for our country's strong military power.