Jiuzhaigou: 85% of the reconstruction projects have been completed Date:2020-04-01 18:51:49Editor:刘婷婷

Jiuzhaigou is favored by tourists all over the world for its beautiful natural landscape. At present, the post-disaster recovery work and reconstruction of Jiuzhaigou scenic area has been going on smoothly. Planned projects to develop the scenic spot have started, and 85% of the area, including Goukou to Changhai and Nuorilang to Wuhuahai, has been basically completed. Over the past two years, 141 potential disaster points in Jiuzhaigou scenic area have been fixed up, which has effectively enhanced travel safety in the area. 


An airview of lakes in Jiuzhaigou ( Photo/Jiuzhaigou Integrated Media Center)

With continuous improvement in the epidemic situation, 85 restaurants, eight supermarkets and 120 food stores were gradually restored in Zhangzha area, the core area of the scenic spot. After the scenic spot is opened to public, tourism service units will meet the personalized need of tourists.


Hotel rooms available for booking ( Photo/Jiuzhaigou Integrated Media Center)

At present, there are 31 hotels ready to receive tourists in Jiuzhaigou, with a total of 4,298 rooms and 7,766 beds available for booking. There are many hotels in the pipeline as well which can fully meet the needs of tourists in terms of "quantity".


Workers on the construction site ( Photo/Jiuzhaigou Integrated Media Center)

The reporter has learned that the musical and dance drama "Jiuzhaigou eternal love" is also being reconstructed and is expected to launch within the year. Hit by the coronavirus epidemic, two performance centers and 12 Zangjiale (Tibetan style restaurants) resorts that were reopened after the earthquake remain closed until the epidemic is over.


Changhai Lake in Winter ( Photo/Jiuzhaigou Integrated Media Center)

Jiuzhaigou scenic spot is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is also known as a "fairy tale world" and "fairyland on earth" with its untouched ecological environment, fresh air, snow-capped mountains, forests and lakes. It made to the list of World Natural Heritage in 1992. On August 8, 2017, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Jiuzhaigou County, causing damage to its landscape and hotels.(By Edina Liang)