A total of 54 people from Chengdu have made it to the list of The Richest People of China 2020! Date:2020-10-23 18:14:00Editor:Liutingting

The Hurun Research Institute has released its list of The Richest People of China 2020 on October 20. At least 54 entrepreneurs — 17 more than last year — from Chengdu made the cut this year. This hauled the capital of Sichuan Province as the ninth place where the country’s richest reside. 

New Hope Group Chairman Liu Yonghao (Xinhua Net)

The richest person in Sichuan is Liu Yonghao and family with a wealth of 160 billion yuan, ranking at 16th place in the country-wide list, ranking up 10 places from the previous year. Liu Hanyuan and Guan Yamei — with assets worth 63 billion yuan — ranked second in Sichuan and 63rd on the list. In the Hurun Global Rich List released in February this year, the Liu Yonghao family, Liu Hanyuan and Guan Yamei were among the top 500 richest people in the world.

Making their debut on the list are Sichuan Anning Iron And Titanium, Luo Yangyong and his wife Liu Yuxia, Li Jin of Hitgen and Xiangrong of M & S Electronics. Among them, Anning Iron And Titanium, Luo Yangyong and his wife Liu Yuxia ranked 497th on the list with a wealth of 11.5 billion yuan. 

Liu Hanyuan, chairman of Tongwei Group (Xinhua Net)

This year marked the 22nd consecutive release of The Richest People of China by Hurun Research Institute since 1999. This year, China has 2,398 entrepreneurs with a collective wealth of more than 2 billion, a record high.

The growing number of Sichuan entrepreneurs in the list of The Richest People of China and the rising number of new entrepreneurs reflect Sichuan’s conducive business environment that has helped enterprises thrive. Since last year, Sichuan Province has launched the "Business Environment Improvement Year" activity and has made great efforts to build Sichuan into the top international business environment highland in central and Western China by streamlining administrative approval and other measures. Chengdu, the provincial capital, was selected among the top 10 in China’s business environment assessment in the post-pandemic era of China’s business environment index released this year. ( By Edina Liang)