2021 Chengdu Summer Universiade: 49 venues will be completed and put into use as planned Date:2020-04-01 18:46:21Editor:刘婷婷

At present, the preparatory work for the 31st Summer Universiade has entered the final stage. According to the latest plan, 49 venues have been fully restored for construction and will be completed and put into use according to the original construction plan. Among them, 49 competition and training venues need to be built or reconstructed, including 13 new venues and 36 reconstructed venues, with a total investment of about 18 billion yuan.


Chengdu Universiade venue under construction

At present, the preparation for the Universiade has been carried out in an orderly fashion, and publicity and marketing, market development and other major activities have been carried out. The selection and training of language liaison officers and volunteers, information and communication technology construction planning, medical security units and planning of setting of medical sites and other service security work are under way.


Chengdu Universiade venue under construction

Now, Chengdu will comprehensively promote security, registration, information technology, catering services, budgeting, medical services and contingency plan. It will promote design of urban volunteer service stations and the improvement of meteorological support capacity as well as the implementation of bidding for translation services and concierge reception projects.

The 2021 Chengdu Summer Universiade will be held in the Dong'an Lake Area, Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China from August 8 to 19, 2021. Chengdu Summer Universiade will host 18 major events which see participation of over 10,000 athletes and officials from 170 countries and regions.(By Edina Liang)